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One night in Barcelona, as LA transplant Bob Morris strummed his guitar and stared into a window of a neighboring apartment, he encountered a German with a precarious livelihood named Franz Autobahn who asked him if he would like to "Do party." After a ten day bender filled with topless beaches, cava and Dali, Morris' new musical project, Le Swish, was conceived.

As a singer and guitarist for the Chicago indie pop band The Hush Sound, Morris went on to sell over 200,000 records and tour the US, Japan and UK with acts such as OK GO, One Republic and Phantom Planet.

Le Swish occurs between the hours of 11pm and 3am. Le Swish is an ode to a newfound appreciation of European sensibilities coupled with an undying love of basketball and the culture it inspires. Le Swish is when you say the wrong thing in the right language. Le Swish is when something is just wonderful.

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